LiquidPiston, Inc. (LPI), a developer of advanced multi-fuel-capable rotary combustion engine technology, has been awarded a $3-million Rapid Innovation Fund (RIF) award from the US Army to develop an innovative ultra-portable 2kW diesel Compact Artillery Power System (CAPS). The RIF process is extremely selective, with only five percent of whitepapers... Details →

Singapore LTA selects nuTonomy for trials of autonomous mobility-on-demand transportation service; new AV testing center

In addition to Delphi (earlier post), Singapore’s Land Transport Authority (LTA) has also selected nuTonomy to begin trials of an autonomous mobility-on-demand transportation service. The partnership will expand and accelerate the nuTonomy’s development efforts in Singapore as it progresses towards the launch of a commercial autonomous vehicle (AV) service in... Details →

Danish Towns Fund Hydrogen Train

The Engineer reports that three Danish towns in Ringkøbing Amt (county) in Western Jutland—Vemb, Lemvig and Thyborøn—will put up funding for a hydrogen-fueled train running along the 59 km railway line connecting them. The line is operated by the Vemb-Lemvig-Thyborøn Jernbane (VLTJ) railway (Lemvigbanen). The county of Ringkøbing is home... Details →

$60M from DOE for Combustion Research

The Department of Energy is going to award up to $60 million to researchers focusing on ways “to improve the efficiency of internal combustion engines for light- and heavy-duty engines through technological advances in combustion and waste heat recovery.” The solicitation outlines the two primary topics of interest: Enabling High... Details →

Keep an Eye on HCCI

In the majority of scenarios for building sustainable mobility (decreasing emissions, increasing fuel efficiency, weaning from oil), there is a substantial short- to medium-term emphasis on advanced conventional technologies. One of the promising engine technologies that has emerged over the past few years is called HCCI -- Homogeneous Charge Compression... Details →