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China Zhongwang to supply aluminum extrusion products to Jaguar Land Rover

China Zhongwang Holdings Limited, a leading fabricated aluminum products developer and manufacturer, will supply aluminum extrusion products to Jaguar Land Rover’s British company as a Tier-1 supplier. This relationship is the first collaboration between the two companies, and marks China Zhongwang’s first foray into the supply chain of automakers outside China.

A long-time key supplier of aluminum products for Chinese high-speed trains, China Zhongwang has stayed committed to propelling the light-weight development in transportation sector and has accumulated valuable experience from aluminum alloying to welding techniques, to expand the applications of aluminum in the automotive industry.

With its one-stop solutions in design, R&D, production and assembly, the Group has developed and supplied numerous aluminum solutions for a number of Chinese automakers. China Zhongwang is the exclusive supplier of the aluminum-intensive car body for both Chery’s electric car eQ1 model, and QiantuK50, the electric sports car newly-launched by CH-Auto Technology this August.

China Zhongwang is the second-largest industrial aluminum extruded products developer and manufacturer in the world and the largest in Asia.


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