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Cummins and Isuzu to evaluate partnership opportunities

Cummins Inc. and Isuzu Motors Limited signed a Letter of Intent to jointly evaluate opportunities to deliver globally competitive products.

For nearly 100 years each, Isuzu and Cummins have been leaders in technology innovation with a broad global reach in complementary regions of the world. Together the companies believe there may be opportunities to benefit from each other’s unique strengths resulting in growth for both companies.

Each company has committed to assign a team of individuals over the next few months to explore potential opportunities in product technology development, service and other areas of collaboration with the potential for a longer-term partnership for the next generation of diesel and natural gas based internal combustion powertrains as well as new powertrain technologies such as electrification.

Diesel engines will continue to be the power leader for the foreseeable future in commercial vehicle and off-highway markets. The companies said that a long-term partnership would enable both to grow globally.


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