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Volkswagen has the chassis of its new electric model family ID to the public for the first time, and offered an initial look at its platform strategy for electric cars.

The company says that the modular electric drive matrix (MEB) that serves as the foundation of the ID chassis is a unique selling proposition, and also demonstrates the commitment that Volkswagen has made to electromobility.

The modular electric drive matrix (MEB) is arguably the most important project in the history of Volkswagen, similar to the transition from the Beetle to the Golf. It will be the foundation for more than 10 million e-cars throughout the Group in the first wave and will blaze our trail to the age of electricity.

—Thomas Ulbrich, the Member of the Board of Management of the Volkswagen Brand responsible for E-Mobility

The ID chassis is not a retroactively modified platform for gasoline-powered vehicles. Rather, it was designed from the very start with e-drives in mind, allowing Volkswagen optimally to tap its technological potential as a result.

The design and the vehicle concept are more flexible than ever—the spectrum of supported vehicles ranges from compact cars to SUVs and vans.

The ID is a milestone in technological development. It will be the first fully connected, fully functional electric car that millions of people can afford.

—Christian Senger, the Head of Volkswagen Product Line e-Mobility

The ID will be the first member of the family to go on sale in 2020—a fully connected four-door compact car that will cost about the same as a Golf diesel. The interior dimensions and the variability of the ID will rewrite class limitations. Driver and passengers will experience an exceptional space comfort, comparable to the next higher vehicle class. This is all made possible due to an exceptionally long wheelbase and the resulting short overhangs. No internal combustion engine is needed, therefore the axles can be placed far to the outside.

A look at the ID chassis reveals an e-motor that has been integrated into the rear axle and the battery that has been placed in the vehicle’s floor, among other things. This offers a optimal weight distribution for maximum driving pleasure, providing the passengers with a comfortably high seating position at the same time. The power transmission from the motor to the rear axle is performed with a single-gear gearbox.

Under the WLTP Standard, the scalable range spectrum for every ID Model will be 330 kilometers to 550 kilometers (205 to 342 miles). A fast-charging system with 125 kWh will provide significantly shorter waiting times and make it possible to go from a charge of zero to 80 percent within 30 minutes.

The modular electric drive matrix (MEB) on which the chassis is based will serve as the technical matrix not only for all models of Volkswagen’s ID family, but also for many e-cars of four other Group brands: Audi, SEAT, ŠKODA and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. As such, the MEB will be used by five brands and in three regions of the world.


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