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IKEA Group commits to EVs for home delivery in five major cities by 2020

IKEA Group an accelerated timeline for transitioning to EVs in five major inner cities—Amsterdam, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, and Shanghai—by 2020.

In September 2017, IKEA Group was one of the first companies to join EV100, a global initiative by The Climate Group bringing together businesses committed as driving forces towards the transition to electrical vehicles by 2030.

IKEA Group targets include:

  • Zero emission home deliveries, targeting five prioritized inner cities (Amsterdam, Los Angeles, New York, Paris and Shanghai) by 2020.

  • Aim for 100% of home deliveries by electric vehicles (EV) or other zero-emission solutions by 2025 (aim of 25% by 2020).

  • Access to charging stations for EVs across all IKEA Group touchpoints across 30 markets, such as stores, offices, and distribution centers by 2020.

  • Aim to halve relative emissions from co-workers and customers travelling to IKEA Group touchpoints by 2030.


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