MAN Truck & Bus presents electric delivery truck CitE at IAA 2018
MAN exhibiting eTGE 4.140 electric van at IAA 2018; production starts in July 2019

MAN introduces practical 26-tonne electric truck based on TGM at IAA 2018

During the IAA 2018 from 20th to 27th September 2018 in Hanover, MAN will a fully electric eTruck solo distributor chassis with a swap body frame and a 6x2 axle configuration. The 26-tonne truck, based on the MAN TGM, incorporates batteries that can be installed under the cab and on the side of the frame, providing a range of up to 200 km.

The air suspension on the front and rear axles ensures adaptability to any urban loading scenario. The electric motor, mounted in the center of the frame, supplies 264 kW of power, transmitting 3100 N·m of torque to the drive wheels without the use of a manually operated gearbox.

Designed to handle classic city logistics tasks, the vehicle is suitable for a wide variety of different body applications, from dry freight carrying or refrigerated box vans to refuse collector units. The additional drive systems needed for such applications are also electric.

At the IAA, MAN will be offering daily test drives in the eTGM on the outdoor grounds of the trade fair.

The new fully electric MAN TGM 6x2 chassis forms the technical basis for nine vehicles that were released to nine member companies of the Austrian Council for Sustainable Logistics (CNL) for practical trials in mid-September 2018. (Earlier post.)

The vehicles are primarily 6x2 chassis units featuring refrigerated box van units, swap bodies and beverage units. However, they also include a tractor-trailer unit based on the MAN TGM. MAN will incorporate the findings of these practical trials in the development of its future product portfolio of series-produced electric trucks.

The eTruck development and testing program forms part of the MAN Truck & Bus eMobility Roadmap for urban transport solutions, which are scheduled to be included in the product portfolio starting in 2022. The concept involves trucks and buses using a shared eMobility kit, which will be available in future for a wide variety of applications.

MAN Truck & Bus introduced the MAN Metropolis concept vehicle back in 2012. (Earlier post.) The electrically powered, 26-tonne series hybrid refuse collector vehicle ran CO2-free in local waste disposal operations and could even be used in the city center at night, thanks to its low noise levels.

An integrated range extender expanded its radius by up to 150 km per day. With the range extender, fuel consumption was reduced by up to 80% compared with a regular diesel-powered vehicle. The extensive practical deployment of the MAN Metropolis provided a valuable source of experience for ongoing projects.

At the IAA 2016, MAN Truck & Bus presented a further development of the Metropolis concept: an entirely battery-electric powered tractor-trailer unit for overnight urban delivery services.

It was technically based on a MAN TGS 4X2 BLS tractor-trailer unit with an 18-tonne gross vehicle weight rating. Optimized to operate with single or twin-axled City trailers, the concept vehicle fulfilled the demands that will be imposed on vehicles involved in the urban logistics of the future: plenty of load space combined with a light empty weight, zero emissions (CO2, NOx), very quiet and highly maneuverable.


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