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Toyota team members begin connecting with DSRC 5.9GHz V2X tech in AACTVE

The Ann Arbor Connected Vehicle Test Environment (AACVTE) is the world’s largest connected vehicle test environment for the DSRC 5.9GHz V2X technology and operates throughout the city of Ann Arbor. Led by UMTRI and its partners, the AACVTE builds on the existing deployment, established in 2012.

Earlier this year, Toyota and Lexus announced plans to deploy Dedicated Short-Range Communications (DSRC) systems on vehicles sold in the US starting in 2021. Now, Toyota has inviting its over 1,800 R&D team members and their families who live and work in Washtenaw County to have their vehicles equipped with the latest DSRC 5.9GHz V2X technology connected vehicle systems.

With Toyota’s support, the AACVTE will remain the flagship for connected vehicle and infrastructure deployment and research in the world.

Connected vehicle safety technology (DSRC 5.9GHz V2X) allows vehicles to communicate wirelessly with other similarly equipped vehicles, and to communicate wirelessly with the infrastructure.

Ann Arbor is an international hub for connected vehicle technology and research and it has everything to do with the community. This deployment allows us to gather data critical to advancing transportation safety. A fully operational deployment enables UMTRI to conduct $3-5M in research a year, making it a significant living laboratory.

—James R. Sayer, director UMTRI

To date, $50M has been invested in connected vehicles and infrastructure in Ann Arbor, beginning with the $30M Safety Pilot DSRC 5.9GHz V2X technology Model Deployment, launched in 2012 by The University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI) and the US DOT. AACVTE funding partners include the U-M (UMTRI, Mcity), the Michigan Economic Development Corp. (MEDC), the City of Ann Arbor and other program partners and suppliers.


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