Next 10 reports explore rapid changes to California grid driven by EVs, distributed energy resources and community choice aggregation
China-US team uses graphene composite separator to suppress polysulfide shuttling in Li-S batteries

HORIBA MIRA partners with Keihin to develop next-generation electric vehicle powertrain systems, targeting China

HORIBA MIRA is with Japanese Tier 1 supplier Keihin on next-generation electric vehicle technology.

The partners aim to develop an electric vehicle powertrain system with class-leading energy efficiency. The electric vehicle powertrain will be initially targeted at the Chinese market.

China has recently updated its NEV (New Energy Vehicle) points system to reward OEMs for the range its EVs can achieve for each kWH of battery capacity. These regulations will drive the development of EVs that use battery energy and powertrains more efficiently, not just bigger batteries. MIRA China, a subsidiary of HORIBA MIRA, will provide local support to the project.


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