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Volkswagen’s main plant in Wolfsburg wins the Automotive Lean Production Award for the first time

Volkswagen’s main plant in Wolfsburg has the Automotive Lean Production Award for the first time. Series production at Wolfsburg began in 1945; since then, more than 45 million vehicles have rolled off its lines. The plant currently produces up to 3,500 units of the Golf, Golf Sportsvan, Touran and Tiguan models every day.

As agreed in the pact for the future, Volkswagen will pool production of its Golf family at the Wolfsburg plant from the next generation onwards. In addition, the plant will be adding a further Group model in the successful SUV segment, the Seat Tarraco, to its production portfolio from the end of 2018.

The international Automotive Lean Production Award has been presented by the specialist journal “Automobil Produktion” and Agamus Consult GmbH every year since 2006. This year, some 80 European plants took part in the competition study; there were more than 60 entries for the awards. Volkswagen Wolfsburg will receive the award for the best OEM at this year’s Automotive Lean Production Congress, which is being held in Bremen at the beginning of November.

At Wolfsburg, the jury assessed solutions at more than 50 stations in the press shop, body shop, paint shop, assembly and logistics as well as with respect to Industry 4.0. The jury was impressed by the rapid pace of change at the plant.

The team has genuinely earned this award. People are implementing the changes required for greater productivity and high quality with many initiatives and exemplary speed. We need this approach more than ever before to safeguard the future of the plant. Wolfsburg must be a model plant in our brand’s worldwide production system.

—Dr. Andreas Tostmann, Volkswagen Board Member for Production

No reworking and high productivity—these demanding goals are being consistently pursued at the Volkswagen plant in Wolfsburg. Improvements are implemented actively and passionately. The speed with which the team at the plant has introduced many excellent solutions over the past 24 months with a view to becoming fit through lean production is impressive. We are therefore very pleased to present the Automotive Lean Production Award 2018 in the OEM category to the Wolfsburg plant for this outstanding achievement.

—Dr. Werner Geiger, Managing Director of Agamus Consult GmbH and chairman of the jury

With its PQM (production and quality management) strategy, Volkswagen’s main plant is focusing on the areas of productivity, quality and team performance. The objective is increasingly efficient volume production which safeguards the plant and its future. With the 400 or so workshops to be held this year alone, managers and team members are improving processes within the production system, thus reducing the production cost per vehicle at the same time as consistently maintaining the highest possible quality standards.



How do you do this without building tents in your parking lot?
Well, congrats anyway, VW.
It's no Alien Dreadnought but OK for a dying business.

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