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Jabil and eyeSight Technologies partner to develop next-generation in-car sensing technology

Jabil Inc. and eyeSight Technologies are to develop next-generation in-car sensing technology that delivers the advanced levels of driver monitoring and gesture control. The partnership combines Jabil’s automotive-grade optics capabilities with eyeSight’s computer vision and deep learning software. Together, Jabil and eyeSight are developing a system that assesses the presence of an active and aware driver and improves human-machine interface (HMI).

Jabil computational camera modules provide the core for image capture; eyeSight’s automotive solution uses eyelid and iris tracking to monitor driver awareness. The combined hardware and software system operates with sub-pixel accuracy enabling higher-resolution driver monitoring.

The accuracy of the camera modules, together with intelligent software, allows the system to be smaller, resulting in reduced weight and footprint.

The scalable system, which can be integrated into existing cockpit electronics, uses time-of-flight and infrared capabilities to enable:

  • Driver identification - facial recognition, gender and age

  • Driver attentiveness - head pose, posture, eyelid tracking and mood

  • Driver distraction - iris tracking, gaze tracking

  • Gesture control - touch-free control of navigation, infotainment, HVAC, etc.


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