Germany launches new study of oxymethylene ethers for optimizing clean diesel combustion
Ricardo assisting China’s JAC with dual clutch transmission technology

Panasonic establishing JV to manufacture Li-ion batteries in China

Panasonic Corporation and Dalian Levear Electric Co. have a joint venture company to manufacture Li-ion automotive batteries in China.

The joint venture company will utilize Panasonic’s technology and knowhow for the production and quality control of automotive batteries to manufacture them for eco-friendly vehicles.

Panasonic is aiming at ¥2.1 trillion (US$18 billion) in sales for the automotive business overall, inclusive of infotainment systems and industrial devices in fiscal 2019 (ending 31 March 2019—the company’s 100th anniversary.)

The joint venture company will gain the support and cooperation of the relevant authorities and intends to begin production from 2017.



Das solution to take price below $100 (USD) kWh for up-to-date high quality EV batteries:

1) for local China markets by 2017/2018
2) for worldwide export markets by 2018/2019

It will be interesting to see who will first produce 500+ Wh/Kg batteries below $100/kWh for all weather affordable BEV?

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