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XALT Energy to supply Li-ion packs to Efficient Drivetrains for PHEVs

XALT Energy and Efficient Drivetrains (EDI) a tentative agreement through which XALT will supply EDI with its NMC graphite Lithium-ion battery energy storage packs for use in EDI’s PHEV PowerDrive and electric power export solutions.

Initially, EDI will use the first generation XALT Energy battery system in a first-of-its-type commercial plug-in hybrid electric grid exportable power utility vehicle, built on a Peterbilt truck platform. The agreement is a first phase of a possible multi-year supply agreement that aims at upgrading to the new XALT XPAND pack battery modules when they become available in 2016. The packs will be used for commercial truck fleet replacement orders.

XALT has begun shipment of the initial order and is expected to complete shipments under the first phase of the program in the first quarter, 2016.

The XPAND Modular Pack (XMP) and the XPAND Modular Pack Plus (XMP+) that will reach the market in 2016 are XALT Energy’s new Energy Storage Systems (ESS) based on XALT Energy’s lithium-ion cell designs. XMP is designed for use in multiple applications including hybrid and electric commercial truck, bus and heavy duty transportation; hybrid and electric marine power and propulsion, as well as grid and stationary applications.


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