ARPA-E awarding $30M to 12 hybrid solar projects; conversion and storage
Aemetis upgrades India biodiesel plant

AREVA and Schneider Electric sign a strategic partnership agreement on grid energy storage using hydrogen fuel cells

AREVA and Schneider Electric have signed a strategic partnership agreement to develop energy management and storage solutions based on hydrogen fuel cell technology. Both groups will combine their expertise in order to design and propose energy storage solutions that guarantee the reliability of electrical grids for isolated sites and areas where access to power is limited.

AREVA will provide the Greenergy Box, an energy storage solution made with an electrolyzer and fuel cell. This is used to store hydrogen and oxygen from water electrolysis during periods of low energy demand in order to produce electricity during peak consumption periods.

This technology has been operational since 2011. Connected to a 560 kW photovoltaic solar power plant on the MYRTE demonstration platform, in Corsica, the Greenergy Box will also be soon connected to 35 kW peak power photovoltaic panels installed in La Croix Valmer (South of France).

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This technology transforms interruptible clean energy sources into steady sources for base loads and rainy days?

Could become one of the solution for Solar and Wind energies.

Nick Lyons

I'm sure this will work, but at what cost? Looks like a very expensive path to reliable baseload power, probably only interesting to affluent, first world countries that are scared of nuclear.


Indeed it does.  I'm also curious about the capital cost.  If you look at the all-in cost of even gas turbines at low capacity factor, the per-kWh cost of this system looks likely to be sky-high due to low utilization of the electrolyzer when fed by sur RE.


A carbon tax of up to $100/tonne could level the playing field and do a lot to reduce the current deficits and reduce GHGs, air pollution and many of the associated adverse health effects?

China's deadly lung, skin and stomach cancer cases are rising at an unbelievable rate.


A straight carbon tax would make nuclear a no-brainer.  This is why we have "portfolio standards" instead; they can lock nuclear out.

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