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GM showcases Beat EV in demo program in New Delhi

. GM India showcased the Chevrolet Beat Electric Vehicle in a demo program in New Delhi. In 2010, the automaker had said that it was establishing battery-electric vehicle demo fleets in different regions around the world using different vehicles. (Earlier post.) The Beat EV is part of the ongoing celebrations of World Environment Day and is brought to India to study the feasibility of electric vehicles in major metropolitan areas.

The demonstration vehicle will be used by GM India to showcase the effectiveness of battery electric vehicle technology in India. GM India engineers will also use the vehicle to address potential cost savings to help make BEVs more affordable for global customers.

Powered by a 300-cell, 20 kWh Li-ion battery pack, the Beat EV has a range of up to 130 km the 270 kg battery can power the Beat for at least 130 km (81 miles) under normal driving conditions. The liquid-cooled battery can operate in temperatures ranging from approximately -20 °C to 45°C, with charge times of less than 8 hours.

The Beat EV uses a single speed drive unit and an electric motor producing approximately 45kW of power.

Learnings from this demonstration fleet and others around the world, are intended to strengthen GM’s core vehicle electrification competencies including batteries, electric motors and power electronic and controls, and charging. GM India is already offering a range of alternate fuel vehicles including Chevrolet Beat LPG, Chevrolet Spark LPG and Chevrolet Aveo CNG to its customers.



"The liquid-cooled battery can operate in temperatures ranging from approximately -20 °C to 45°C, with charge times of less than 8 hours."

This would be one of the biggest issues for EVs in India. Heat is a battery enemy above its ambient op temp.

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